Deep Food, Deep Culture! T

Not only will we discover locations for exquisite food on this tour….but also the neighbourhood alleyways, walking arcades and plazas as we hop between the restaurants.

We strive to show you the authentic, where you get a real and deep understanding of the inner workings of this amazing area visiting some vintage, real,  architecture which is steeped in history.

Get an inside look with our 2 professional tour guides.

*Luca, who is a 35 y.o. Italian (Italian, so obviously has a huge passion for food and always been employed in the food industry and is well travelled having lived in Australia for 6 yrs,)

*Andy who is 39 y.o half Japanese & half Australian (has lived in Osaka for more than 12 years)

Both have extensive knowledge of  food, history and culture of  the Osaka region. They can answer all your queries on this walking tour.