Whats on the menu?


You will get the full range: Stalls, markets, standing bars, classic eateries, izakayas,  restaurants….the whole spectrum.

-Entree (Stall): 3 x Osakan large takoyaki “battered octopus balls”, local oden (broth infused seafood, vegetables etc)

-Fish (Izakaya): Fresh “Maguro” Bluefin Tuna sashimi

-Side Course:  Mouthwatering Nikudoufu “beef and tofu stew” PLUS  2 x original yakitori skewered beef (sauce & salt options),  PLUS  1 alcoholic/non alcoholic drink

-Taste Testing: (Stall) 6 x gyoza (2 types) “dumpling filled with ground meat & vegetables”

-Classic Eatery: 6 x Osakan Kushikatsu which is lightly deep fried skewers (12 types available: asparagus, quail egg, prawn, kisu fish etc)

-Main course: (Restaurant): Osakan kitsune Udon bowl PLUS Tonpeyaki (Pork omelete) PLUS 2 x Karaage (Japanese fried chicken with delicious spices) PLUS  1 alcoholic/non alcoholic drink

-Desserts:  (Markets):  Taiyaki (redbean filled sweet).


*We have other options available like ramen, soba, tempura, yakisoba, okonomiyaki etc

*Very occassionally the above establishments might be fully booked or closed for business so we will chose other just as high quality appetizing options.

*We are vegetarian & pescatarian friendly, just let us know in advance