Tour Highlights

・Eat & drink at some of the most flavorsome, authentic, stalls & restaurants
Delve into the character filled pockets of deep Osaka unknown to tourists
・Venture into a world where Osaka cuisine & beverages meets local history
Explore the entire range at street stalls, markets, izakayas, restaurants etc


Tour Info

Delicious Food, Amazing Drinks and Deep Culture!

We’ll discover 5 delicious establishments on this Osaka food and drinks tour…1 restaurant, 1 specialized standing bar, 1 izakaya (Japanese style bar), 1 backstreet stall and 1 market and also explore the local drinks (craft beer, sake, chuhai, highball, plum wine, cocktails etc).


We will hop around some hidden locations while strolling through arcades & plazas rarely visited by foreigners.

You will taste and dine at some local favorites as well as food you have never tried. These establishments are off the beaten path and only places that locals would ever know.


Gastronomy & beverages are our focus but we strive to show you the authentic, where you get a real and deep understanding of the inner workings of this amazing area visiting some vintage, architecture which is steeped in history.

What We’ll Explore!

We will show you the hidden gems eateries & bars that you would never find without us.


1.  Walk down quaint off the beaten paths, streets & arcades.

2. Eat the most unique, tasty food amongst friendly Osakans.


3. Taste some unique, infused, rarely known Japanese drinks.

4. Witness a region almost untouched by the western world.


5. See bizarre, quirky, retro “only in Japan” establishments.

6. Traverse through the interconnecting maze of alleys.


7. Set foot in one of Japan’s famous knife shops (extensive range).

8. Discover the true history of Japan that you have never heard about.


Whats on the menu?


You will get the full range: Stalls, markets, standing bars, classic eateries, izakayas,  restaurants….the whole spectrum.

-Entree (Stall): 3 x Osakan large takoyaki “battered octopus balls”, local oden (broth infused seafood, vegetables etc)

-Fish (Izakaya): Fresh “Maguro” Bluefin Tuna sashimi

-Side Course:  Mouthwatering Nikudoufu “beef and tofu stew” PLUS  2 x original yakitori skewered beef (sauce & salt options),  PLUS  1 alcoholic/non alcoholic drink

-Taste Testing: (Stall) 6 x gyoza (2 types) “dumpling filled with ground meat & vegetables”

-Classic Eatery: 6 x Osakan Kushikatsu which is lightly deep fried skewers (12 types available: asparagus, quail egg, prawn, kisu fish etc)

-Main course: (Restaurant): Osakan kitsune Udon bowl PLUS Tonpeyaki (Pork omelete) PLUS 2 x Karaage (Japanese fried chicken with delicious spices) PLUS  1 alcoholic/non alcoholic drink

-Desserts:  (Markets):  Taiyaki (redbean filled sweet).


*We have other options available like ramen, soba, tempura, yakisoba, okonomiyaki etc

*Very occassionally the above establishments might be fully booked or closed for business so we will chose other just as high quality appetizing options.

*We are vegetarian & pescatarian friendly, just let us know in advance

About Deep Osaka Food & Drink Tours

Taking tourists to see a different angle of Osaka, going to parts of Shinsekai & the rarely visited, mysterious Nishinari. These are enclaves of amazing food & drink stalls, restaurants and establishments of all types.  A food & drink lover’s  paradise…..if you know where to go!

Guided in real Osaka, here you will fill the belly with some of the best food you will have in Japan and taste all those drinks you were always afraid to order. We have carefully chosen these hidden, original establishments in and around the markets serving totally traditional Osakan food & drinks (they don’t even have English menus). A genuine neighborhood den feel soaks in while the food & drinks penetrates the nostrils, tastebuds & stomach!

Remember our main objective is to feed your bursting appetite with delicious, local Osakan food and get you tasting some real tasty Japanese drinks….even getting you to try things you would have never had before (we’ll gauge how adventurous you are)…….you will leave feeling completely satisfied and full.

Osaka’s Shinsekai & Nishinari districts are a smorgasbord of tantilising food and drinks: exciting, fresh and a mix of old and new. Combine this with the history and culture….you’ll have a night to remember with us.

Get an inside look with our 3 professional tour guides.

-Andy who is 38 y.o half Japanese & half Australian (spent more than a decade of his life in Osaka)

-Luca, who is a 35 y.o. Italian (Italian, so obviously has a huge passion for food & drinks having always been employed in the hospitality industry and is well travelled having lived in Australia for 6 yrs,)

-Kevin, who is 39 y.o. Canadian (a food lover & drinker…to the core)

All have extensive knowledge of Osakan food, drinks, history and culture.

This Food & Drink Tour is listed with our other tour under “Backstreet Osaka Tours” on Trip Advisor.

It’s rated #1 tour in Osaka (and the whole of the vast Kansai region) with more than 600 Reviews, having 95% “Excellent 5 star” rating.

We hope this tour will be the absolute highlight of your Japan trip!:)


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Want To Join Our Tour?

Time :  5:30pm-8:30pm

Meet up location : Dobutsuen-mae Station (Midosuji Line),  at the top of the stairs of exit 1,  (in front of the “Family Mart” Convenience store)

Cost :   “Absolute Foodie Option”:¥13,000 each guest.

(Besides the included amazing food and drinks, we offer exclusive access & guidance to regions of urban osaka totally unexplored by tourists, and a complete historical account of the visited areas) .
We believe you will be extremely satisfied. It is the only tour in Osaka to offer a money back guarantee!


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