Whats on the menu? T

You will get a full range of the exclusive gastronomics delights that will more than satisfy your pallete. We will go to : Stalls, fish markets,  boutique eateries, izakayas,  specialized establishments….the whole spectrum.

*Entree (Izakaya) : Large clam gently heated to perfection (with a drink)

*Fish (Markets) : Fresh “Maguro” Bluefin Tuna sashimi / Salmon sashimi

*Side Course (Boutique):   5 (meat, seafood, vegetables)  mouthwatering, original, skewered assortments (with a drink)

*Main course: (Recognised restaurant): Shabu Shabu is quality thinly sliced meat (Beef or Pork, or both) with an abundance of vegetables cooked in your own individual hotpot

*Taste Testing: (Classy establishment) Game & local meat. A selection of Japanese wild boar, deer, beef, chicken

*Desserts: “Taiyaki” (Stall): A Japanese fish shaped cake with sweet red beans inside.

Note:We have other options available like gyoza, ramen, tempura etc

Note:Very occassionally the above establishments might be fully booked or closed for business so we will chose other just as high quality appetizing options.

NOTE: All the above restaurants are vegetarian friendly.  We are happy to cater to vegetarians too.