About Deep Osaka Food Tours T

We will explore the hidden gem of  Temma. Rarely visited by foreigners and an enclave of amazing food stalls, restaurants and establishments.  A food lover’s paradise…..if you know where to go.

Guided in real Osaka, here you will fill the belly with some of the best food you will have in Japan. We have carefully chosen these hidden “handcrafted” establishments in and around the markets.

We will venture briefly onto the Tenjimbashisuji shotengai,  officially the longest shopping arcade in Japan. A genuine local’s den feel soaks in while the food penetrates the nostrils, tastebuds & stomach!

Getting off the shotengai we reach Ogimachi Park for some great views of downtown Umeda before heading to Temmangu Shrine. Dedicated to Sugawara Michizane, the Shinto deity of scholarship, Temmangu hosts the Tenjin matsuri. This is rated as one of Japan’s top three festivals. The shrine’s elegantly designed main hall makes it beautiful all year round.

Throughout the journey we will duck in restaurants and feed out bursting appetite.

Osaka’s Temma district is a smorgasbord of tantilising food: exciting, fresh and a mix of old and new. Combine this with the history and culture….you’ll have a night to remember with us.