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Delicious Food, Amazing Drinks and Deep Culture!

We’ll discover 5 delicious establishments on this Osaka food and drinks tour…1 restaurant, 1 specialized standing bar, 1 izakaya (Japanese style bar), 1 backstreet stall and 1 market and also explore the local drinks (craft beer, sake, chuhai, highball, plum wine, cocktails etc).


We will hop around some hidden locations while strolling through arcades & plazas rarely visited by foreigners.

You will taste and dine at some local favorites as well as food you have never tried. These establishments are off the beaten path and only places that locals would ever know.


Gastronomy & beverages are our focus but we strive to show you the authentic, where you get a real and deep understanding of the inner workings of this amazing area visiting some vintage, architecture which is steeped in history.